Pan-Canadian Recital Tour: 2019-2020

Exact dates coming soon!

In search for a musical identity that embraces all of Canada, the duo meagan&amy presents connections between Canadian music and the traditional canon of classical repertoire. During the Pan-Canadian Recital Tour, they will explore with Canadian audiences in all ten provinces and all three territories what is it that makes Canadian music "Canadian". Their program pairs Canadian composers including Jocelyn Morlock, Dinuk Wijeratne, David McIntyre and André Mathieu with well-known icons that influenced these contemporary composers including Mozart, Bartok, Prokofiev and Debussy. This is an opportunity to discover a shared musical heritage that, while inspired by composers of centuries past, has evolved its own distinct Canadian qualities.

Pan-Canadian Tour at a Glance:

Debut Atlantic (Maritime provinces)

Jeunesses Musicales Canada (QC, NB, ON)

Prairie Debut (SK, MB, AB, YK, NWT, NU)

+Pacific Contact shows in BC!

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